The Crafty Owl Studio shop and courses are up and running again.  All sessions are run in accordance with Covid-19 guidelines.

Zendoodlestitch !


So, we’re only just into the New Year, but we’re off to a racing start with our courses ! The first one at the shop was billed as a post-Christmas detox, and that is pretty much what it was.

The idea was that it was a combination of zentangle, doodling and stitching, with a bit of ‘mindfulness’, or mindful meditation, thrown in. I had worked a couple of samples to illustrate the idea ……..


Zendoodlestitch,Janet's Xmas stocking & hearts,Crazy Xmas dec's, 001


…… and my friend ‘H’ had worked a beautiful piece based on a tracing of my hand …..

Library proj 002


Our group of students soon got into the swing of it and came up with some fabulous results ! ……


Zendoodlestitch 004


Zendoodlestitch 002


Zendoodlestitch 003


Zendoodlestitch 005


Zendoodlestitch 001


This weekend we had another of our Fabbadashery favourites – Quilt As You Go …


Lib Proj.,Zendoodlestitch,QAYG,G'wk fish 009


Lib Proj.,Zendoodlestitch,QAYG,G'wk fish 007


Lib Proj.,Zendoodlestitch,QAYG,G'wk fish 008


The afternoon was spent making ‘Proddy’ rag rugs, but we were so busy I didn’t even get chance to take any photos !

Two other things I have been working on over the past few weeks – one is a project for our next Goldwork class, I add more advanced techniques each time for those who have already attended the previous sessions. This project includes using coloured purl, s’ing with purl, couching with a variety of Goldwork materials, and embroidery stitch using metal threads. This is in addition to the techniques covered in previous courses, padded kid, using pearl purl, couched Jap gold, purl chip work and cutwork.


Lib Proj.,Zendoodlestitch,QAYG,G'wk fish 013


The other project I have been working on is a very exciting opportunity I am thrilled to be involved with. Along with a group of very talented ladies I am working on a project to create a piece of textile art for the foyer of the new Halifax Library which is due to open in Spring 2016. Up to now we have been at the design stage, but are now creating some pieces of work which will be combined to make the large finished piece of work.

There will soon be a separate blog which will follow the progress of the project, but for now I’ll just show you a few pictures of some of the group at work this week.


Lib Proj.,Zendoodlestitch,QAYG,G'wk fish 001


Lib Proj.,Zendoodlestitch,QAYG,G'wk fish 002


Lib Proj.,Zendoodlestitch,QAYG,G'wk fish 004


Lib Proj.,Zendoodlestitch,QAYG,G'wk fish 006


Very exciting !!!