The Crafty Owl Studio shop and courses are up and running again.  All sessions are run in accordance with Covid-19 guidelines.

Well hello everyone !!

This is RaggedyAnnie’s diary, where I will be letting you know what I’ve been making, interesting places I’ve been and activities and events I have planned for the future .

Yes, I know I’m a rag doll, but you’d be surprised what an exciting life I have !

Hannah helping me produce my new leaflet.    I have been busy producing my new leaflet and programme of courses for the forthcoming year. This photo shows my friend Hannah creating the leaflet – she said she’d type it for me as rag dolls don’t have fingers so typing can be tricky.

I have also been making this new website, for which I must say a big thankyou to Duncan of for his expertise and patience !

I am currently getting my Folksy site prepared at the moment. This should be up and running within the next couple of weeks.

As time goes along I plan to show you new items which have been added to my Folksy shop, plus new ideas for workshops and courses.

If any of the new ideas for courses appeal to you these can be arranged, as with any of the other courses, for groups of 3 or more people



One such new course is ‘Stuffed Softies ‘ – I was feeling a bit lonely. being the only rag doll in the sewing room, so I created a little group of new friends.

Here they are – the Matryoshka Sisters and Hooter the Owl.

I am currently working on some Matryoshka doll kits which will be available when my Folksy shop is launched. These can be made using hand or machine stitching.

Well folks, that’s all my news for today. I am very much looking forward to seeing some of my old friends from my previous courses, and also looking forward to meeting and making lots of new friends!

All for now, RaggedyAnnie x