The Crafty Owl Studio shop and courses are up and running again.  All sessions are run in accordance with Covid-19 guidelines.

The Leaving of Liverpool……

….. as the song goes. I have spent the past week in my fabulous home-town of Liverpool, I always love going back there. This week was business though, I was on a course (medical rather than textile). It was the official Huntington’s Disease course, run by The Huntington’s Disease Association. I care for a friend (part-time) who suffers from this condition. It is an hereditary neurodegenerative condition which has physical, cognitive and behavioural effects on the person with the condition. There is no cure for this condition and no effective treatment at present. It was good to be able to spend the week with so many experts in this particular field though, both the lecturers and the other delegates – neuropsychologists, geneticists, psychiatrists and specialist nurses. I learned a lot !

Back to textiles, I had an ‘Embroidery for Beginners’ day at the shop last week. Despite claiming they hadn’t done much embroidery before, everyone produced lovely work !


vintage style notebook covers,hessian bags with suff puffs or RR 006


vintage style notebook covers,hessian bags with suff puffs or RR 010


vintage style notebook covers,hessian bags with suff puffs or RR 011


Over at the New Library Textile Project I demonstrated how we could make a piece of work incorporating photographs and text. I used my Great Grandma as an example as the next few photos show ….


Mary Littleford embroidery 001


Mary Littleford embroidery 002


Mary Littleford embroidery 003


We are also working on another method of portraying people as the following picture shows !


OB May 2015 002


The buildings we are working for the library piece are looking fabulous too !

Here is Jane’s Bankfield Museum ……


OB May 2015 001


….. and Liz’s Halifax Minster …..


OB May 2015 004


I have just received an email from Chrystal who has sent me photos of two pieces of Goldwork she has completed ….


chrystal 1


chrystal 2


…. I love the green and gold together, looks really striking.

I had a day out with my friend H recently, we went up to see my sister on her sheep farm. Lambing had just about finished and we tried a bit of sheep rustling but we were spotted trying to hide this lamb under our jackets on the way out !


lambsy's and little people 009


And finally, just a quick mention re a couple of courses coming up at The Fabbadashery. This Saturday we have Quilt As You Go in the morning (I think this might be full now), and Crazy Creatures in the afternoon (still has a few places). Here’s a couple of pictures of very crazy creatures people have created on recent courses …..


route,crazy creatures,ragrugging Fabb 023


crazy creatures and dangly decorations 085


We also have a Jacobean Crewelwork day coming up soon – traditional embroidery stitches using wool yarn …..


Jacobean crewelwork,OB,printing at Fabba 001


… and another day coming up making Vintage Notebook Covers. We will be using vintage style fabrics and trims, distressing some of the fabric to get a more aged appearance, and piecing them by hand to create a book cover….


vintage style notebook covers,hessian bags with suff puffs or RR 001


vintage style notebook covers,hessian bags with suff puffs or RR 003


If you are interested in any of these, or any of the other courses we run at The Fabbadashery in Halifax call 01422 647574, the shop has a Facebook page.

All these courses are also run from my home too, contact details at the top of the page.