The Crafty Owl Studio shop and courses are up and running again.  All sessions are run in accordance with Covid-19 guidelines.



I just want to start with a heartfelt thankyou to those people – you know who you are –  who sent me very kind messages after my ‘Happy Mental Health Day ‘ post.   If we are not able to talk openly and honestly about mental health issues things will never improve and people will continue to struggle alone.

We must all keep up the work of trying to eradicate the stigma of mental illness, in all it’s forms.

Well, since my last blog I have held 3 sessions teaching Rag Rug Wreaths and Christmas Trees, I have another 3 sessions this week, I had already held 3 sessions at the end of last month, and have a further 3 in December. That makes 12 sessions with either 4 people at home or 8 people at the shop. So, I think the whole of Halifax and beyond must have a Rag Rug Wreath hanging in their window by now ! ( I’ve just worked the sum out – must be 80 – 90 of them !).

Here are a few of the stunning pieces of work which have been created …


Rag rug wreaths etc 007


Rag rug wreaths etc 003


Rag rug wreaths etc 006


Rag rug wreaths etc 002


Rag rug wreaths etc 004



Rag rug wreaths etc 005



Rag rug wreaths etc 001