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Heroes and Heroines

So, I’ll start with apologising for the fact that it has been a month since I last posted. I do have good excuses though. I had knee surgery last month which took a little while to recover from. Unfortunately the consultant tells me I am going to need two new knees, which isn’t good news.

Excuse number two is that I spent a few days staying with and looking after my friend Mark while his sister Jackie was away, and excuse number three is that Kev and I went on a 3 day course in Wales with Hilary Beattie, which was fabulous.

However, despite all that I have still managed to get a lot done, as you will see ……


H's canvaswk,school sess's,setting up studio,Bronte hanging 041

…. this is my piece which is currently at Bankfield Museum in Halifax as part of the Charlotte Bronte exhibition. An original quilt worked by Charlotte, Emily and Anne is also on display in the same room – I never thought I’d be sharing gallery space with three of my heroines !!  The author Tracy Chevalier (Girl With a Pearl Earring) has been in touch with me to ask if she can use an image of my quilt in her promotional material, very flattered !

This next picture shows two of my biggest heroes, my son Tom came to visit while I was caring for Mark and arrived on his new Suzuki Bandit 1200. If I hadn’t just had knee surgery I’d have been off for a spin on it, although unfortunately I don’t think my legs are long enough to drive this one ! I love this photo !




IMG_6548 (1)

These three ladies just happened to be in the building and popped in to make three lovely raggy wreaths for their bedrooms !


Max and co came for another day of glorious Goldwork and stumpwork. Fabulous results, as always ……


IMG_6489 (1)

IMG_6492 (1)

IMG_6493 (1)


We also had a Goldwork day at the shop. Only one person who attended had ever done this more advanced form of embroidery before, so I was very impressed with the results …



IMG_6559 (1)



This is a piece Ella has designed and has been working on over the past couple of weeks, truly stunning !

Christine brought along her Zendoodlestitch completed piece which I think is so beautiful ….


IMG_6554 (1)


The following day was our  ‘#hounds4huntingtons’ day at the studio. I was so pleased with the turnout, we had about 20 people of all ages attend to make lovely little felt dogs and enjoy a cream tea. We made over £300 for the Huntington’s Disease Association. Here’s just a few pic’s from the day, starting with my favourite ! …..


IMG_6580 (1)

IMG_6566 (1)

IMG_6579 (1)

IMG_6567 (1)

IMG_6581 (1)

IMG_6572 (1)

IMG_6582 (1)


IMG_6584 (1)

IMG_6573 (1)

Our trip to Wales was wonderful, the course was at the Minerva Arts Centre in Llandidloes and was run by Hilary Beattie. The focus was ‘Finding Sanctuary’ and involved every kind of printing, dyeing, painting, journaling and stitching, so suited us both. The place itself was idyllic !



Some of Kev’s work …..



Mel and her crew from Hull came for another day out last week. Mel wanted to do crazy patchwork and Chris and Wendy decided to make teddy bears ! Chris made a ‘Memory Bear’ using clothes from one of her relatives, Wendy made one using some of my wide selection of furnishing fabrics.





Janet came over for the day too and made this very pretty pinny for her granddaughter ….




The group who used to meet at the Orange Box in Halifax now meet at my studio. We have almost completed the piece of work for the new library and are currently enjoying working on our own pieces of work. We have a new name too, the ‘Piecemakers’.




Pam has been working on this perfect fabric and stitch interpretation of the ‘Toffee Girl’ window in Halifax Industrial Museum. This will form part of our library piece.


Max, Jackie and Carol came for the day this weekend. They always set themselves challenges in what they want to achieve during the course of the day, but they usually succeed !





… Max didn’t work this entire patchwork mat in one day, but brought it with her to back and bind it !

So, nearly up to date now, yesterday we entertained a whole Brownie pack ! It was the special 90th anniversary outing for the Holy Trinity Brownies. I made a hand embroidery project for them which involved them learning six different stitches. I was thrilled that they all managed to do the project, and that they did it so well. They were extremely well behaved too ! I will add a photo on my next post.

Finally, a course coming up in the near future at the Fabbadashery is another Jacobean Crewelwork day. The design I have worked for this session is a parrot worked in traditional crewelwork colours. If people prefer they could work the Jacobean flower we did on the last crewelwork day, or bring their own design.