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Glorious Goldwork and Three Record Breakers !


No blog entry for the past couple of weeks, but when I show you how busy I’ve been I think you’ll understand !

There has been a lot of beautiful Goldwork embroidery going on . Although Goldwork is my very favourite thing to do I wasn’t sure initially how many people I would find who were interested in coming on one of my courses. However, having just run the third fully booked course at The Fabbadashery last Saturday, and another of many more I’ve run from home last Sunday, I am now convinced that I’m not the only person to find it a fabulous and exciting form of embroidery.

Firstly, some pictures from the shop ….


Salts Mill, Goldwork. shop and home 005


Salts Mill, Goldwork. shop and home 006


Salts Mill, Goldwork. shop and home 007


Salts Mill, Goldwork. shop and home 008


Here are a couple of part-worked pieces from this course …


Salts Mill, Goldwork. shop and home 012Salts Mill, Goldwork. shop and home 013


And here is the amazing Emily’s Elizabethan flower which she has completed since the previous course …..


Salts Mill, Goldwork. shop and home 016


Wow !!!

Now the Goldwork course from home with Mel and her crew from Hull ….


Salts Mill, Goldwork. shop and home 018


Salts Mill, Goldwork. shop and home 019


Everyone is pretending to be concentrating ! – they weren’t able to keep up this studious pretence for long …


Salts Mill, Goldwork. shop and home 022


Here is one of their works in progress …


Salts Mill, Goldwork. shop and home 023


Another favourite embroidery technique of mine is Stumpwork. We had a session on this method at our Halifax New Library Textile Project last week. I demonstrated a number of techniques used to create the raised elements which are worked in this very textural form of embroidery. The group practised some of these with a view to incorporating them in the finished piece.


OB, Goldwork,Stumpwork,RR here 003


OB, Goldwork,Stumpwork,RR here 004


This is part of the gibbet which Dee is working. The gibbet is still in situ in Halifax, just in case it’s needed again ! – the red beads are for the blood !

OB, Goldwork,Stumpwork,RR here 006


Back at the shop this weekend we spent the morning learning 25 embroidery stitches. Some people chose to work the sampler and others incorporated the stitches into cottage garden pictures…..


OB, Goldwork,Stumpwork,RR here 008


OB, Goldwork,Stumpwork,RR here 009


The picture above shows me admiring Angela’s cottage garden picture below – she’ll have done another 10 by the time I next see her !


OB, Goldwork,Stumpwork,RR here 010


OB, Goldwork,Stumpwork,RR here 012


OB, Goldwork,Stumpwork,RR here 014


Maxine and Jackie started their samplers along with everyone else, but broke the record by managing to send me photo’s of their completed pieces before bedtime later that evening !


maxine's sampler


jackie's sampler


Amazing !!

Saturday afternoon was Dorset Buttons. This is another addictive technique I’m afraid. The finished buttons can be made into earrings, keyrings, bag charms, broches or just used as buttons !


OB, Goldwork,Stumpwork,RR here 018


OB, Goldwork,Stumpwork,RR here 017


OB, Goldwork,Stumpwork,RR here 015


And finally, for this post, another RaggedyAnnie record breaker !! A group of ladies came to my house yesterday to learn rag rugging, along with the lovely 10 year old Rowan. As soon as I had taught the group how to rag rug Rowan was a girl on a mission to make one for her friend before she went home. Believe it or not, she did it !!


OB, Goldwork,Stumpwork,RR here 020


OB, Goldwork,Stumpwork,RR here 019


I would have said that was impossible before yesterday !

The rest of her group didn’t do badly either ….


OB, Goldwork,Stumpwork,RR here 021


OB, Goldwork,Stumpwork,RR here 022


So, you can see why my blog has lapsed over the past couple of weeks, you’re all wearing me out !!