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All That Glisters …… May Well Be Gold !


I didn’t get time to do my blog last week as some of the time was spent at a conference on Huntington’s Disease, a hereditary neurodegenerative disorder. Some close friends of mine have this condition in their family and are very much affected by it. It is an appalling condition which is little known, partly due to a historic stigma surrounding the condition which means families affected by it sometimes keep it secret. My friend Jackie works hard to bring people’s attention to HD, and has just gained an MA focussing her studies on the oral history of HD. I am so pleased for her.

My Goldwork exhibits returned from the exhibition in Bath last week. The two venues had been very well attended and the exhibition received great reviews and some very positive comments.

These are some of my pieces of Goldwork ……


Goldwork,courses at Fabba & home 002


I was glad they returned in time for Saturday’s Goldwork course at The Fabbadashery. We had a full house again, with everyone keen to learn this rather specialised form of embroidery. All but one were beginners, so I was thrilled with the results which had been created by the end of the day . Goldwork is a precise method of stitch, so the following are all works in progress.

This is Giselle’s bee, almost there ! ….


felt dangly decs, goldwork class 013


Sue’s copper, silver and goldwork fuchsia …


felt dangly decs, goldwork class 018


Helen’s goldwork seedheads ( no, we still don’t believe you’re shy !)….


felt dangly decs, goldwork class 014


Steph’s beautiful seahorse ……


felt dangly decs, goldwork class 015


Emily’s carnation ….


felt dangly decs, goldwork class 016


Ella’s letter A …


felt dangly decs, goldwork class 012


…. and a little swarm of bees ! ….


felt dangly decs, goldwork class 017


Two of our very talented ladies brought in the completed pieces which they started on my ‘Inspired by the work of Angie Lewin ‘ course. Here is Steph’s…


felt dangly decs, goldwork class 009


…and Helen’s ….


felt dangly decs, goldwork class 010


And finally, look what flew into my email inbox, all finished and framed, the day after Nicola started it  !  It is so lovely to know people have enjoyed the courses, and really great to see the completed pieces .


Nicola's bee